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In any country, technical education plays a vital role in human resource development. It produces a skilled workforce, augments productivity and helps improve the quality of life of the people. Producing qualified and capable human resources in this age of science and technology is indispensable. Without doubt, there is a close relationship between the technical or vocational education system and socio-economic development of a country.

Our Education System
The current education system of Bangladesh may be broadly divided into three major categories viz. general education, madrasah education and technical education. The type of education which provides distinct practical knowledge of technologies and skills is known as technical and vocational education. Technical education offers an excellent opportunity for employment at home and abroad. Countries such as Germany, France, Japan and Sweden pursue effective and extensive technical and vocational education and training. In Australia, technical and further education (TAFE) institutions run a wide range of mostly vocational courses.
Technical Education
In Bangladesh, an estimated 14 per cent of students receive technical vocational education, which is very low compared to many developed and even some developing nations. The mind-set of the parents and students need to be changed to give priority to technical instead of general education.
Importance of Technical Education
The importance of technical education in Bangladesh can hardly be overemphasised. In fact, current global developments point to an overriding requirement for technical and vocational education and training. In order to remain competitive globally and turning economic development sustainable, Bangladesh needs to create sufficient skilled workforce through technical and vocational education and training.

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We believe practical education of students is very important along with books. Hence we give utmost importance to practical education. As a result, many of our students are currently setting examples of their acquired skills with reputation in various institutions across Bangladesh.

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